My Favorite Posts

One of my favorite posts is THIS ONE called Don't Laugh I Almost Died Today in my High Heels. It's about a misadventure I had going hiking through the woods with the Girl Scouts while wearing high heels.

Another favorite post of mine is THIS ONE called I Can't Even Cleanse My Colon about my attempt to do a 'colon cleanse'. It's quite the TMI post if I do say so myself, but a must read! :)

Another one I like is THIS ONE called My Road Rage in which I describe the severity of my anger with stupid drivers and my road rage feelings I have when I leave my house driving every day. I am not super proud that I have road rage but it gives you a glimpse into the asshole that I really am.

Another post I would like you to read is THIS ONE titled I Take 36 Pills a Day Folks. I have this one as a favorite because there have been numerous ppl ask me about the supplements I take every day and what I take and why I take so many things. This post explains it all.

Another one I like is THIS ONE titled Bad Parenting 101. I like this one because it addresses current events in society but also makes us evaluate our own parenting styles and the limits we set for our kids for their own safety and well-being.

The newest post that is one of my favorites is THIS ONE titled Breastfeeding in Public. It's one of my favorites because it has gotten the most comments so far of any of my blog posts and it got ppl talking, discussing an issue that is important to some ppl.

Another favorite post of mine is THIS ONE that talks about circumcision on little boys. For or against. It has had alot of comments, very heated comments.