About Me- Just the Basics

I was born in Dallas, Texas. Raised in Grand Prairie, Texas and moved to Arlington, Texas as an adult and lived there until I was almost 30. I then moved from Arlington, Texas to Vicksburg, Mississippi where my then husband, now ex husband,(who I was with for 17 years) is from. At the time we moved here from Texas I had a 12 year old son who I had started homeschooling. Let me go back and say that I went to college in Texas for nursing and that's what I did before I came here and that's what I did after I got here. I was a nurse and Realtor at the same time. I gave up working altogether about 4 years ago to be a SAHM and homeschool my kids.

When my DS who is 25 now, was about 14 I had my second child, my daughter who is now 11 going on 18. 14 months later I had my third and last child, another son, who is now 10. I now (use to)  homeschool both the younger kids (secular homeschooling, not religious). I did not breastfeed. I did not use cloth diapers. I never co-slept or did baby-wearing. I am not crunchy.

I am remarried now to my best friend and plan on staying with this one for the rest of my life. He is a boat captain/boat pilot and works in another state for 2 weeks then comes home for one week. We are never around each other long enough to get tired of each other. He is sexy and he is funny. The top 2 things on my list of what I like in a man. He is also very smart, super handy and can fix or make just about anything. There has yet to be something that he cannot do.

I blog just for fun. I Twitter just for fun. I am not here to monetize my blog and try to make money off of it or put ads all over it hoping you will click them and make me a few pennies. If you need to buy some shit I am sure you know how to go to Amazon.com or Ebay or Etsy. You don't need to get there from here. I am not saying there is anything wrong with ppl making money off their blog but you can tell the blogs that are there just to make money. They constantly review products, have giveaways and have an assload of ads all over the place. Some of them even have big honking ads at the bottom of each blog post. I don't like blogs like that myself. I want to read someone's blog who I feel is blogging because they have something to say. Even if it is just telling what they did today or how their kids got on their nerves.

I have a Facebook page but I can't stand Facebook. I have a MySpace page but haven't logged into it in over a year. I spend most of my online time on Twitter, my blog, and TheHomeSchoolLounge message boards and reading alot of other ppl's blogs in my Google reader. I currently follow about 85 other blogs.

In my real life free time I read alot. I read loads of magazines and true crime books like Ann Rule and anything on serial killers. I sew with my daughter who is just now starting to sew to sell her little things in her own Etsy shop. I am the primary care giver for my kids. I have them 24/7 and that's how I prefer it.

I am a vegetarian and have been for 14 years. I don't eat meat, bread, pasta, eggs, milk or anything carbonated. I began eating this way to lose weight & it worked. I lost 100 pounds and have never went back to eating the way that made me fat to begin with. My husband & kids are not vegetarian. I buy & cook meat for them. I didn't become a veg because I am an animal rights activists. I have a leather couch & I wear leather shoes and have a leather purse. I support the efforts of organizations like PETA and GreenPeace but I am not a big activist myself. I try to be green, live right and cuss as little as possible, but that part never works out very well for me.

I will never be mother of the year. I yell at my kids when I get pissed and I don't apologize for it. If they don't want me to yell they can quit pissing me off.

I joke about punching my kids in the face, slapping them in the mouth and doping them up with benedryl to knock them out. If you take me seriously you will be quickly and easily offended by me. That's a FACT!! I lose followers almost daily on Twitter for saying or doing things that offend someone or another. But I DGAF really. I love my Twitter friends and I hope I know them forever, but if they ever decide to stop following me, I won't cry and I definitely won't lose sleep.

Anyway, that's the basic about me. If you want to know anything else specific, feel free to ask me anything, any time. I am an open book. I am not shy and I don't have any secrets.