Thursday, October 31, 2013


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Looks like the kiddos are going to get rained on tonight trick or treating. But mine aren't going. Our trick or treating days are over I guess. Neither of mine wanted to go this year. It's kind of sad. But they still got a bucket full of Halloween candy. I bought them some and Dayton ate it almost all gone in 2 days. He is like a candy vacuum. That kid inhales any candy within a one mile radius of his face hole. Katelyn has barely touched hers.

Maybe there will be a break in the storm between 6 and 8 pm where they can get in some trick or treating.

In other news we will be leaving for our 7 night Disney trip in 9 days. It is just the husband and myself this trip. We will be staying at a Wyndham timeshare resort Bonnet Creek. (We are Wyndham owners)

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  1. ... Gimme something good to eat!!!

    You guys sure enjoy Disney... have you ever done any of the Disney cruises?