Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have a problem solve a problem

I have recently decided I want to listen to the Rush Limbaugh radio talk show every day on am radio from 11am to 2pm.

One problem...the receiver/stereo/dvd player thing in my house that plays radio stations doesn't have an antennae wire hooked up to it and my husband is out of town for the next month.

Then Dh told me about a website/app called IHEARTRADIO where you can listen to radio stations over the internet.

They don't have ALL radio stations, just some. But they do have a fairly close radio station to us that DOES play the Rush Limbaugh show every day. So now I can listen while I am at my computer without having a working radio in the house.

Then if I leave the house I can just turn it on the radio in my car.

I just wanted to let you all know about this IHEARTRADIO thing in case you have never heard of it.

I downloaded the app onto my phone but I cannot get signed into it. It keeps just loading and loading and never signs me in. No biggie. I didn't really need it on my phone.

In other news:

66 DAYS!! #MyNextDisneyTrip

We have all our plans squared away for our upcoming Disney trip. Our condos are booked and all of our dining reservations are made. (In Orlando/Disney you have to make reservations to eat at the restaurants)

I'm excited about it and looking forward to it because it is going to be quite a while before we go back after this trip. We won't be going again until January 2015.

We usually go in October/November but the fall 2014 when we would normally go, Dh is going to be in Daytona Beach at Biketoberfest. Then the next time he is home would be Thanksgiving and it is too crowded to go to Disney during holidays. So we have to wait until he gets off in January or wait until he is off in February.

But we will survive a year without Disney! I hope!

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