Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WTF is a Pescetarian?

Well, that would be me!

For the last 16 years I have been a vegetarian. I did not eat any meat, Chicken, Fish, seafood, fowl, NOTHING. I did eat dairy products but no meat.

I still don't eat meat but in the last year or so I have started eating Fish and once you add Fish to your diet you aren't really a vegetarian anymore. You are a Pescetarian. And if you call yourself a vegetarian in front of a real vegetarian and tell them you eat Fish, they will usually let you know real quick that vegetarians do not eat Fish.

So I stopped calling myself a vegetarian for the most part unless I am in a situation where I just need a quick explanation to someone why I don't eat meat and do not want to explain what a Pescetarian is, I will just say I am vegetarian.

But a lot of ppl have asked me what Pescetarian is because I have it on my Twitter profile. I just wanted to clarify what it is.

It is a vegetarian who eats Seafood.

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