Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We might be going to Vegas!

I have always wanted to go to Vegas. All of my adult life I have wanted to go there. And not to gamble. I don't even like to gamble and wouldn't gamble once I got there. But mainly to see all the shows.

My husband and I have gotten to where we go on vacation pretty regularly now and have only really been going to Disney World.

Our next planned vacation is to WDW in November of this year.

But I thought I might bring up the idea of possibly going to Las Vegas on our 2014 vacation.

We really like Cirque DU Soleil. And they currently have 7 different shows going on in Vegas. There is 5 of them I want to see.

SO I brought it up. Maybe we can go, stay 6 nights, which gives us 5 full days to see the 5 different shows. And maybe even catch an afternoon comedy show on one of our days. Eat at all the good casino restaurants, just walk the strip and see Vegas.

I think he has warmed up to the idea. When I first told him I wanted to go to Vegas he said he didn't. lol

But we have talked about it a bit since then and I think he may be changing his mind!! YAY!!

I have found a Vegas message board where you can ask questions and get tons of information about Vegas and I have a map of the strip.

I am thinking we might stay at the New York New York hotel and casino.

They have a huge suite you can get. It is 700 sq ft and only goes for $105 a night. That is 2013 prices though. I am sure it will be more in 2014. SO will the food and the shows. It won't be a cheap trip by any means.

The damn flights are super expensive. The cheapest I found was Southwest at around $600 PER PERSON. That  is almost what it costs to fly to Hawaii. But they can gouge prices because Vegas is a vacation destination and if ppl want to go they will pony up the money or drive the 1600 miles. (NOT)

But hopefully by the fall of 2014 we will have enough Southwest miles saved up to get one of the tickets on miles and only have to pay for one out of pocket. That will help save a lot.

I am a Vegas newbie. Never been and don't know anything about it.

Have you ever been? If so where did you stay and what did you do while you were there?

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