Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our neighbor's dog

Our neighbor has a dog named Riley (Jack Russel Terrier). We have been knowing Riley for about a year or a little less. He is a friendly dog and comes around and plays with my kids whenever they are outside.

Well, our neighbor's let him roam around outside. Occasionally letting him in at night but often times he is out at night too.

As it got colder outside, we let Riley come inside our house to get warm and to play with the kids. And after 2 or 3 times of letting him in he started staying around my house waiting for us to let him in.

Over a period of time I started letting him stay in longer and longer amounts of time until recently (about a month ago) I started letting him stay in my house all day and all evening and I would let him back out after dark so he could go home to the neighbor's house.

After a few weeks of doing this we started hearing him outside barking at night, in the middle of the night and we realized the neighbor is not even letting him in at night and it has been very cold.

So we started letting him stay in here overnight.

Now let me say this...we have already spent money on this dog. Jeremy bought him a food bowl and some food and a doggie bed to lay on. We also have been to the vet to buy some Comfortis and Capstar pills because he had fleas real bad when we first started letting him come around. I decided rather than talk to the neighbor about the flea problem we would just handle it ourselves.

I think the only baths he ever gets he gets from us.

SO, back to my point. He has been staying inside our house all day and all evening. We let him out to roam and play and go to the bathroom so he could go home at any time if he wants to.

When I first started letting him stay in overnight I was afraid of him either popping and peeing in the floor or chewing everything up because he is still kind of young and he likes to chew on shit. But he did perfectly. He stayed in the living room on his little bed and didn't potty in the floor.

Just to show you how well house trained he is...Yesterday it was raining from the time we got up until about 5 pm. Riley won't go outside when it is raining. So he hadn't peed since I let him out at 11 pm the night before. By 2 pm I knew he had to be miserable and the rain had let up outside to where it was just a light sprinkle so my son took Riley outside and walked out into the yard with him and Riley finally peed. And he peed for a long time too. He had been holding it for 14 hours.

Well I know dogs also poop daily so I knew he needed to go poop so after the rain finally stopped at around 5 pm I got my son to take him back out into the yard on the other side of the driveway where I have seen him poop before and sure enough, he had been holding in his poop too and he finally went poop.

But I was so proud of him for how long he held it all in to keep from pooping and peeing in the floor.

Whoever potty/house trained him did a fantastic job. I don't think our neighbor is the one who did it. I think he was already trained when they got him because they are a very busy active family who is hardly never home so I think the training was done by whoever they got him from. That house training is priceless.

I don't have the patience for house training a dog so to have one that is already trained is fantastic.

So we have semi-adopted Riley. And not once has the neighbor come to my door looking for him. He has basically run away from home and nobody cares.

I wish I had the nerve to talk to my neighbor and ask her if we could just adopt Riley from them but I think she would say no. We have had dealings with her before and she is not very nice. I am afraid if she realizes WE have been housing Riley all this time and taking care of him that she might get spiteful and keep him penned up some place where we can't have him anymore.

I think eventually they will come knocking on the door asking about him asking if we have seen him and when they do, that is when I might ask them if I can adopt him.

Anyway, that is our story with Riley so far.

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  1. I don't know the circumstances, but it's absolutely horrible of your neighbor to have a pet when they don't and won't take care of it properly. I'm so glad you guys have decided to "adopt" Riley! The situation will work itself out. (Meaning you guys will now have a new pet. hehe)