Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our dog now!

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen my post about Riley. (I know I also have posted this about the dog just a few weeks ago.)

Riley is a dog that belonged to my nearest neighbor. They would get up and put the dog out in the morning and leave him outside all day until late at night before they let him back in. And some nights they never even let him back in because we would hear him barking outside in the middle of the night.

Well he would come around our house and play out on our porch with my kids. The kids loved him and eventually I started kind of hanging out and petting him too.

Just for fun we let him come in the house a few times just to see how he would react or what he would do and he acted normal. He would play with the kids and sometimes lay down and go to sleep. I guess it is tiring trying to run around outside all day trying to find something to do.

Well we started noticing he had fleas real bad so I went to my local vet and got a COMFORTIS pill. It is a once a month flea pill. I figured if we were going to let him in the house sometimes I sure didn't want him bringing fleas into my house.

Well the pill worked. It got rid of his fleas.

It started getting colder and colder outside and still Riley was left outside all day in the cold so we started letting him in more.

When we started noticing he was being left outside at night in the 35 degree weather we also started letting him in at night to get him out of the cold.

Over time he stayed inside more and more until eventually he was in here basically all day and only went outside a few times a day to use the bathroom and run around and play.

It has been about 2 months now that he has been in our house and not once has the neighbor ever come looking for him or asking about him.

I found out from another neighbor's kid that the owner had previously tried to give Riley away to their family so obviously the owner didn't want him anyway.

We have been feeding and bathing and medicating him in our home for long enough now that we really feel like he is our dog.

I know, technically, our neighbor could show up at any time and demand her dog back. But I hope she doesn't. I would be heartbroken if she came and asked for Riley back.

And just for informational purposes Riley is a 15 pound Jack Russell Terrier.

Riley is not the biggest fan of getting a bath. He shrinks away and tries to NOT go in the bathroom when he hears the water running but he behaves fine while he is getting the bath. Once he gets out of the bath and gets toweled off he comes out of the bathroom and does what I call "running crazy". He begins running full speed through the living room, into the kitchen and back through the dining room into the living room. Then he will shoot down the hallway and come back and repeat that. He will do that a few times and then he will stop and he will start rolling around on the carpet like he is trying to get the wetness off himself. It's really cute.

I would upload a picture of him but I am on a new computer and don't have any pictures on this computer yet. I don't know how to blog post from my phone. I have lots of pictures of Riley on my phone, just not on my computer. Maybe later I will take some and upload them onto this computer.

By the way, speaking of new computers...Jeremy (my husband) bought me a new desktop computer for Christmas. I have been complaining about mine for quite some time now and he finally got tired of hearing me complain and decided to replace what I had.

I may have already told you about it. I am losing my mind and my memory so I don't even know if you already know. But it has 8GB of something to do with the hard drive. It had quad processors. It has a terabyte (sp) memory and has Windows 8.

Windows 8 is so different from regular Windows that it is kind of tricky to get use to it. I still don't know all of the functions of it.

My 11 yr old son sat down in front of it yesterday and had it all figured out after about 90 seconds. He even showed me how to have 2 windows open and running 2 programs at one time where you can see them both on the screen at the same time, but I don't remember what he did to get that to happen. I will get him to show me again (a few times) and then I will know how to do that.

SO that's my update. =)

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  1. Sounds like Riley is your dog now, he has adopted you :)

    No new computer for me, but my son did get me a ginormous external monitor for my laptop. My eyes are bad, so I really appreciate the larger screen.

    Having both monitors, there's a way I can have two different sites open and not have to toggle from one to the other, but I need to have my son show me I can take notes or something, lol