Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Really Should Read Some Time

I subscribe to quite a few magazines. I love to read. And I love to read in small increments, like in a magazine.

One of the magazines I get is a monthly called Vanity Fair and they always have good articles in it every month without fail. At least one or two good ones.

In the November issue (the one with Daniel Craig on the cover) there is an amazing article that I wanted to share with you. I can't even tell you what the article is called because the magazine is still out in my car. I read it while waiting in the car riders line at the school in the afternoons.

But this article I read yesterday is about a little POOR Indian (from India) boy who got lost and separated from his family. He would go to the train stations with his older brother and hop onto trains going in and out of different cities and search the train cars for fallen change or scraps of food. On one particular day he told his brother he needed a nap before they could hop a train to go back to their home town and the older brother told him to lay on a bench and that he would come back and get him in a little while.

The little boy (5 years old) woke up later only to discover his brother had never came back to get him. (Nobody knows why) He hopped on a train and ended up in the city of Calcutta where nobody spoke the same dialect he spoke and he was unable to communicate with anybody. He was too young to read so he had no idea what the city names meant or even what the name of the city was he had come from with his brother.

He had some random ppl help him and feed him here and there and after a few weeks he ended up in an orphanage.

After being in the orphanage for about 6 months he was finally adopted by a white family from Australia and was sent away to live with his new family.

He had to learn how to speak English and he was kind of in shock by his new life, living in comfort and always having enough food to eat. And as much as he missed and longed for his own mother, he was thankful to have been adopted.

He grew up, attended school, became a popular kid who always had a girlfriend and never wanted for anything. But as he got older he always was curious about what ever happened to his family. Why his brother never came back to get him and whether or not his mother had ever looked for him after he disappeared.

What this guy eventually did to find his family was nothing short of amazing.

He spent 3 years researching online, different websites, and ended up using Google Earth and finding his hometown based on memories he had of train stations, a waterfall, a fountain, etc. He was able to "walk" through Google Earth and finally found some ppl who helped him identify the name of the town he came from. Then he found a group on MySpace that were ppl that were from that same hometown he was from.

Eventually, 24 years after getting lost and separated from his family, he found his way back to his village and strictly by memory walked from the center of town back to the house where he grew up.

As it turns out his family no longer lived in that house but one of the neighbors knew where his family had moved to, just down the street a ways.

When he was reunited with is family they didn't speak English and he no longer could speak their language. But they found a neighbor who could translate.

He found out that his mother did look for him but the brother who caused him to actually be lost was found 2 weeks later, dead, cut in half, laying across the railroad tracks near their family home. Nobody knows why he never went back for the boy.

He stayed with them and got to know them again for 11 days and eventually he had to leave to go back to his life in Australia but he told his mother he would send her $100 a month to help support her from now on. When you are that poor, one hundred American dollars a month is like being rich.

It was a very heart warming story. If you get a chance pick it up. The magazine is worth the few dollars just to get a chance to read this particular story. (Saroo’s Google-Earth Quest: How an Orphaned Boy Found His Way Home as Grown Man) You can read the story by clicking this link



  1. I think you can read most of the article from the link I posted.

  2. Amazing, amazing story! Thanks for sharing!