Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's finally here. Our Disney trip begins tomorrow morning as we head out to the airport at 9 am for an 11:20 flight. (We live an hour away from the airport)

DH is leaving work (He works in another state than the state we live in) at 4 am and driving to meet us in Orlando and our plane should land just as he is getting in the Orlando area.

I am flying with 3 kids who have never flown before and one who is CONVINCED he is going to die when we take off and fly.

I will be tweeting about our trip over the next 10 days. If you don't follow me on Twitter you can find me @PeggySueCusses

Friday, October 21, 2011

Speaking of the iPhone...Steve Jobs

Unless you are living under a rock or high up in the Arkansas hills in a trailer with no electricity, in which case you wouldn't be reading this, then you know Steve Jobs, CEO and co-creator of Apple died last week.

I recently found out that when he was first diagnosed he DELAYED traditional treatment to pursue herbal remedies. That leads me to believe that had he started treatment sooner he might have lived considerably longer.

Let this be a lesson folks. If you get cancer, start treatment RIGHT AWAY. Don't delay it for vacation, or for some herbal remedies....We see how well those work out huh....

I have read a lot about alternative treatments for cancer. If you have read either of Suzanne Somers last 2 books, but especially Breakthrough, she interviews doctors, most of whom are in South Texas/Houston area, who use alternative cancer treatments and CLAIM to have AMAZING success rates. It would be hard for me to decide to fore go traditional treatments to try some unproven alternative treatment. Unless they told me I had pancreatic cancer. We all know that is the bad one. That is the one that progresses fast, does not respond to treatment and in almost all cases, KILLS the patient who has it. If they told me I had that I might go to Houston and let them do the hokey pokey on me. But insurance won't pay for any of those alternative treatment doctors.

Someone on Twitter told me that Steve Jobs basically admitted that he knows that by him delaying his treatment that he basically killed himself. I didn't know he admitted that publicly. I might try to find that statement. I would be interested in reading that.


I am so excited I can't hardly stand myself. I am so looking forward to this trip. My kids are all old enough to enjoy it, be able to ride all the rides and most of all, they will remember it for the rest of their lives!! I know the 2 older ones are going to have a blast, they love coasters. The bigger and flippy-er the better. But the youngest one is my scared child. You can say BOO and he will scream. He thinks we are all going to die when we get on the plane next Thursday and the thought of getting on a big roller coaster makes him want to cry. SO I will be spending a lot of time waiting with HIM at the exit to whatever ride my oldest two and husband are riding at the time.

So me and the three kids who have ALL never flown before (the kids have never flown before, I have, a lot) are flying and the husband is driving. It's complicated but basically he works in another state than we live in and when he gets off he is driving straight from the state he works in to Florida. It will take him about 10 hours. I didn't want to be in a car with 3 kids for 10 hours and he didn't want to be in a car with anybody for 10 hours, so me and the kids are flying. That really works out for everybody. We get there quick and we also have our own car when we are there so we don't have to take Disney buses everywhere.

I am going to ride as many rides as I can, take as many pictures as my camera will hold, and snack my way around Epcot into a bigger pants size!! (Just kidding about the pants size, maybe)

I probably won't blog again before I leave. But who knows. I might.

Don't have too much fun while I am gone!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ok so MAYBE the iPhone can't suck it.

Maybe you remember me posting a while back saying iPhone can SUCK IT!!

Well, I take it back. I hated me last iPhone because the memory/storage space wasn't big enough and once my phone was full it was useless to me.

But the new iPhone 4S just came out and I got one!! It's awesome!!

I first called to pre-order it last Friday the 7th when pre-orders opened up. I called AT&T, put in my order and was waiting for terms and conditions email to come. You have to accept those or they won't send you the phone. Well, it never came so I called back and the lady told me to wait a  little bit longer it could take up to 24 hours to come.

I waited 24 hours and it still didn't come, so I called again. The second lady said OH NO it can take up to 48 hours to come and we are very busy taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S so it may be backed up sending them out, just wait.

I waited 48 hours and it never came, so I called again. The third woman said WELL, HMMMM I don't see ANY ORDER on your account let me check...well, it appears that Apple is not accepting debit cards as payment for pre-orders so your order must have kicked back/been rejected and that's why I am not seeing an order for your account. The only thing you can do if you don't have a CREDIT CARD is wait until the 14th when the phone actually goes on sale and call in and ORDER it with a debit card.

Ok, whatever.

Well the next day my husband got the order confirmation email, confirming the order they told me was rejected. Next came the terms and conditions they said wasn't going to come. Husband accepted them and sent it back and we just left it alone. Figured it was a mistake and the emails were generated after the order was accepted and before it was rejected.

So here I am on the phone first thing Friday morning with AT&T ordering my new iPhone 4S, white.

I go on about my day. We run some errands and when I come back in the afternoon there is a box on the porch. Hmmm, I recognize that box. That looks like the boxes you get from AT&T when you order a new phone. BUT I just ordered it this morning, that can't be my phone. Husband opens the box and guess what it is?

MY iPHONE 4S!! The original one that I pre-ordered that was told wouldn't come because the order was rejected. Obviously there was some glitch and the computer actually accepted the card anyway and sent out the phone. So then we had a phone in hand and a phone on order. I had to call AT&T and ask to cancel the order from that morning. She told me just to NOT accept terms and conditions when it came and the order would cancel after 7 days.

The phones weren't even suppose to ship until Friday the 14th and I GOT MINE on Friday the 14th!! I was so happy to see my new phone.

I had already watched the You Tube videos that Apple posted showing how the new features on the phone work and how to use it.

The most exciting thing is the new artificial intelligence personal assistant SIRI. It is a voice activated thing you ask questions, tell to perform functions for you, look up things on the web for you, etc.

Yesterday Siri wasn't even working. But I went on the Apple message boards and a lot of ppl were saying their Siri wasn't working either and that they thought it might just be Apple servers were flooded from all the new iPhones in use on that one day and to wait and see if it starts working tomorrow.

I woke up this morning and that's the first thing I did was picked up my phone and tried Siri. It worked!! I immediately showed it to my husband and began playing with it, asking it to call my husband's phone, to message my husband's phone, asking it to find thrift stores near me, look up info on the internet about Bora Bora. You can have it set alarms for you, read text messages to you, type text messages for you to send, then send them for you, all hands free.

I was fortunate that I still had all my previous music and apps saved in my iTunes so once I activated the phone all I had to do was sync it and all my stuff was back on the phone. I bought 2 new ringtones because I don't want to take the time to learn how to make my own ringtones with iTunes. I picked the DEXTER theme song for my husband's ringtone and the Halloween movie theme song for the rest of my family when they call. All others get The Hunger Games whistling theme. (That download was free by the way)

This phone has a forward facing camera for using FaceChat where you can have video calls to anybody else with a FaceChat feature on their camera. It has a regular rear facing camera (8 megapixel) with a flash on it.
It has a new feature called iCloud where you can share all purchased apps and music, documents, etc from your iPhone to your iPad to your MacBook to your iPod touch all through magic!! No need to re-purchase them for each device. That will come in handy when the kids all 3 get a new iPod touch for Christmas. I can buy one app and send it to each iPod touch without having to buy it for each device. =) YAY!

In other is going to be a GOOD DAY!! Not only are we completely KIDLESS this weekend, husband is taking me thrift store shopping (YAY!) and then to dinner and a movie. What gets better than that? A date day where I get to shop at thrift store (love it) go out to eat (love it) and see a movie (love it)!! And not only are we kidless this weekend we are kidless until Wednesday. That's an occurance that has never happened to us before. We ALWAYS have either my kids or his kid. one or the other when Dh is home from working out of town. So it is a record breaking weekend for us.

Wednesday I have to pack everybody's clothes that we are taking to Disney (a week early for packing) and get it all packed in my car. DH leaves to go back to work Thursday morning and all of our Disney gear has to be in the car when he leaves. He will be at work for one week then leaves his job in Louisiana and is driving straight through to Florida, and meeting me and the kids there. (We are flying) I didn't want to be in a car with 3 kids for 12 hours, DH didn't want to be with anybody for 12 hours in the car. So it worked out better for me and the 3 kids to fly (got real cheap flights on sale) and for him to drive. That way we will have our own car while we are there and not have to take Disney buses everywhere we go. DH will drive back to MS from Florida and we will all fly back and meet him at home. So what that  means for me is I have to have everybody's clothes all washed and ready to pack Wednesday afternoon. The kids have to go through their clothes and pick out what they want to wear for the 10 days we will be gone.

Just TWELVE MORE DAYS and we will be at Disney. I am so excited. I have been counting down the days since about day 45 or so. Telling the DH and kids every day which day in the countdown it is. I have been so obsessed with this Disney trip for so many months (since January) that there is going to be a big let down when it is all over and I know we will probably never go again. But this trip is SO EXPENSIVE!! 5 ppl for 10 days, room, tickets, food, gas, souvenirs. It is costing us more for this vacation than all of the other vacations we have ever taken COMBINED. It's crazy.

But we will be doing almost every park, except Animal Kingdom and Sea World.
We are doing Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, Disney Quest and Downtown Disney as well as both Disney water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. One park per day. Except the day we go to Disney Quest we do Cirque the same day.

We're staying in the All Star Music Family Suites. It had to be a suite to fit 5 ppl. If we would have had 4 ppl we could have stayed SO MUCH CHEAPER, but it is what it is. We had a very expensive room if we wanted to stay on property, which I did/do.

Have you ever been to Disney? Was it the most expensive trip you have ever taken? Did you love it?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Peek a Boo

I have been A.W.O.L. I didn't realize until today that I have not posted since the middle of September and now it is the beginning of October. I just completely forgot I even have a blog. I have been so wrapped up in this upcoming Disney trip (24 days to go!) That I have been neglecting my internet.
I have even been slacking on talking to my peeps on Twitter. I use to spend hours on Twitter every day chatting up the people, but I have been spending my time on the DISBoards. The Disney message boards.

I have even gotten way behind in my Google reader. I need to get caught up reading the blogs I keep up with. Sometimes I have to just get on and hit MARK ALL AS READ.

Dexter series premiere was last night!! SQUEAL!! I just watched it today while the kids were at school. I don't let the kids watch it. And not because it is about a serial killer but because they show random secks stuff. The episode I watched today showed (SPOILER ALERT) a topless woman giving Dexter a BJ in a classroom at his HS reunion. Not kid material. If they would leave that shit out I would let the kids watch it. Same with True Blood. I know the kids would have loved True Blood but they have some really graphic secks scenes in TB. Speaking of True Blood. I watched the first 3 seasons on DVD within the last 3 weeks and LOVED IT! I never gave it a chance when it first came on because there was a Vampire overload but I got bored and decided to give it a shot. I also just started watching the first season of Vampire Diaries. But that came on FX I think and looks to be PG13 so if the kids catch a glimpse of that it won't matter.

2 of my Real Housewives shows are back on. RHONJ & RHOBH. I am not looking forward to RHONY coming back on since Jill won't be on and all of Ramona's trashy friends will be. I don't mind that they got rid of Kelly and Alex. I couldn't stand either one of them. But I hate Ramona and I am sure her friends will be just as trashy. She is a horrible white trash rich bitch. She is low class with some money.

DD has gotten into watching scary movies the last few months and we are making our way through some of the Children of The Corn movies, a few of the Halloween movies ( we fast forward through the inappropriate parts) and the original Friday The 13th. DD thinks they are all pretty cheesy and not very scary. Nothing scares her. She kind of likes the scariness of the Scream movies but other than that I guess she expects some axe murderer to jump out of the TV and chase her to bed. I know when I was a kid and Friday The 13th came out that shit scared me. It was the scariest movie I had ever seen besides Halloween. Halloween scared me pretty good too. The fact that those phuckers just WON'T DIE no matter what happens to them...She even tried some Freddy Krueger and Chucky. Didn't like any of that. I showed her Blair Witch Project she didn't think that was scary. Now she liked the original Paranormal Activity (Part one- part two sucked balls)

Right now the kids are fascinated with Jeff Dunham (comedian) He is a Ventriloquist who has a cast of characters he uses as his puppets. Some of his material is more leaning towards rated R as opposed to PG13 but it's mostly bleeped out when it is bad. He is pretty funny. He has a puppet he calls Achmed the dead terrorist. Funny shit. He is a skeleton with a turban and bushy eyebrows.

Amanda Knox's murder conviction was overturned today and she is being released from jail and is expected to leave Italy tonight. She has been in prison for 4 years for a murder she claims she did not commit. I never knew enough about the case to know if she is really guilty or not but a majority of the ppl I have talked to about it think she is innocent but that she knows something about it she is not telling. Maybe it was a case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I dunno. But regardless...if she is innocent then she has spent 4 long years in jail suffering for the crime of someone else. If she really did commit the murder, at least she did have to spend 4 years in prison. That's a little something. No comfort to the victim's family I am sure. I am pretty sure the police have the victim's family convinced that Amanda Knox is guilty.

Ok, well I am going to go watch some more episodes of Vampire Diaries. I am having a hard time deciding if I like Stefan or Damon more. I am leaning towards Stefan since he is a good Vampire but then again Damon is super HAWT!! Hard to choose. In real life I would choose the Vampire that DIDN'T kill ppl of course but in fantasy land the bad boy wins.

I won't stay away so long this time. Don't give up on me. =)