Monday, July 4, 2011

Verdict Watch

The Casey Anthony trial ended today with final rebuttal closing arguments by the prosecution, the judge read in the jury instructions and the jurors have been sent back to deliberate. There is a mountain of evidence exhibits in this case and is going to take days for the jury to go over everything. If this jury comes back on the first day, it is going to be a NOT GUILTY verdict. The OJ jury came back in less than 4 hours. But I figured after they elected a foreman they probably had an initial vote to see where they stand and see who is holding out for not guilty and then the work begins. Even after a 7 week trial, I still think the jury is going to be deadlocked and come back as a hung jury. They let that one iffy juror on the jury who claims she didn't want to JUDGE ANYBODY for anything they had done and didn't feel comfortable judging anybody. But they let her stay on the jury. If it is a hung jury I blame the prosecution for letting her stay on the jury. They are counting it down on HLN... verdict watch countdown. So we should all have at least 30 minutes notice when they jury comes back with a verdict. I will be watching until I hear one way or the other.

AND Happy July 4th!! Don't blow your fingers off tonight with fireworks!

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