Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sleeping like Dead Ppl

My 2 youngest kids are not in school, of course. It's summer. And right after school ended they were sleeping in until about 10 am every day. It was nice for me because that means I can get up myself at 8 or so and still have a few hours of peace and quiet while they continue sleeping. But the longer summer goes on the later they are staying up and the later they are sleeping in.

Almost every day this week if I didn't wake them up, they slept until NOON. Even my DD who is usually up way before DS was sleeping until 11 & 12 every day. It was still nice having the first half of the day to myself, the bad thing is, with them sleeping that long they wake up STARVING TO DEATH OMG HURRY UP MOM I NEED FOOD OMG I AM HUNGRYYYYY!!!!! hungry.

My oldest son, DS25 was/is always able to sleep for 12 straight hours without even making a move or a noise. Sleeps like the dead. It seems unnatural for a human to sleep for 12 hours unless they are drugged up from surgery or taking prescription meds that make them sleepy, etc.

I wish I could sleep that long. If my body would stay asleep longer than 9 hours I would probably still be in the bed sleeping right now and the fact that they are still asleep wouldn't phase me one bit. But it is going to have to change before close to time for school to start back or they are going to have a real hard time, dragging ass, trying to get up and go to school.

In other news... We were suppose to go out of town to Baton Rouge, LA next Thursday, June the 9th to go to the local water park, amusement park and zoo for 3 days, but we had to put it off until the end of the month because the kids had other things come up they wanted to do more. They have relatives (cousins) coming in town from June 8th - 12th so the cousins won out and the water park trip had to be postponed. Now we will be going June 30th- July 2nd. SO if you had it on your TO DO list to murder me, you can find me in Baton Rouge at the end of the month. You will just have to figure out which days I am going to which place and come find me. =)

SO... This Casey Anthony case is dragging on. Prosecution is still putting on their witnesses and the defense is still doing a piss poor job of trying to impeach all the prosecution witnesses. It may get more interesting when the defense has a chance to put on their witnesses because that's when the big STORYTELLING time begins and we get to hear the ridiculous theories about the kid drowning and the grandfather finding her and disposing of her body. We will get to hear about the alleged sexual abuse Casey suffered through that turned her into a pathological liar who makes up boyfriends, creates friends who don't exist, and lie about having a nanny. Hopefully the defense will get to explain why, that if the kid actually drowned, they found her with duct tape wrapped around her mouth and nose. You don't have to duct tape a dead what's the story with that?

Right now the prosecution has on a witness who did the testing on the hair that showed the decomposition root banding. A characteristic that only happens to hair that came from a dead body. That hair was found in Casey Anthony's trunk of her car.

I am impressed with this judge. He pays close attention, he is very fair and he is not taking any shit from the defense. He seems to know a lot about the law. He quotes other cases that pertain to this case all the time in trying to help the lawyers know what presidence has happened prior to this case.

Another little piece of newsworthy information... I am making the kids eat through the kitchen. I call it that because since the kids BITCH all the time every time I say we need to go to the grocery store that since they hate going to buy the food so bad, we will stop buying the food and we are going to eat our way through the kitchen until all the food in our kitchen is gone. By the time we go to the grocery store again they will be begging me to go buy groceries. I did however, go to Kroger yesterday for fruits, veggies & beverages and they didn't complain much because I bought them some BBQ Ribs. They love the Corky's BBQ Ribs that Kroger sells and they were on sale for $9.99 so I bought a few of those and they had ribs for dinner last night. DS liked them so well he asked if we could have them again for dinner tonight. ALSO, just a note of FYI. Kroger thinks VERY HIGHLY of their JUMBO Russet potatoes. For ONE BAG of JUMBO potatoes they charged $8.00. If you don't buy the JUMBO ones then the potatoes are TINY, little bitty potatoes. Even the ones they call JUMBO aren't THAT big. But anyway. We are on day 6 of "eat through the kitchen" and I did spend $70 at Kroger yesterday getting fruit, veggies, bread, beverages, crackers... I will let you know how long it takes us to eat our way through the kitchen to the point of actually needing to go buy more groceries. We have 2 freezers and one pantry of food to go through.

Ok, the trial is back on. Back from commercial. Gotta go.

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  1. What channel was it on today? I couldn't find it! I am so P.O.'d!!! Anyway, do you get the feeling that her lawyer is setting up an ineffective defense appeal, or he is really stupid? Some of the questions that he was asking this week were just out of context, it really didn't make sense.