Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Such a tragedy

My husband has a first wife. He was married back when he was 21 for less than one year. He is now 34. SO it's been 13 years since he has been married. From what I understand he pretty much hasn't talked to her in the last 12 years, at all. They didn't remain friends.

She was murdered yesterday. My husband found out through ppl who knew her and know him.

It was written up in the Vicksburg Post today, but from what was told to my husband MICHELLE who is the ex wife who was murdered, has an 8 yr old son, a 15 yr old son and a 14 yr old step daughter. She is currently married to the dad of the 14 yr old step daughter.

It is the 14 year old step daughter that murdered her. Shot her, right in the face, with a shotgun. The neighbors saw the 14 yr old driving away from the house in the family's Dodge Durango and shortly thereafter the 15 yr old son came home from school and found his mom lying dead, shot in the face. From what the newspaper says the 14 yr old drove away from the house after she shot Michelle and nobody knows where she is now. She has not been arrested yet. She took off.

She had been getting in trouble lately skipping school or sneaking out the step mom's car and had recently snuck out the car and wrecked it. I guess it was the step mom that had been coming down on her and she had anger towards Michelle.

I can't imagine what kind of rage a child has to have to be able to walk into the house and shoot their step mom in the face. She got the gun out of her dad's truck that was parked outside the house.

It's such a tragedy and such a shock since it was someone my husband not only knew but use to be married to. He is taking it ok but it was a very big shock for him. I can't imagine what the 15 yr old son who came home and found his mom with half her face blown off, what he must be going through and what is this going to do to him and do to his life. How will he turn out now that he has had this tragedy in his life? Will it turn him into an angry person who hates ppl?

Now Michelle has 2 children that have no mother and the husband not only lost his wife, he is now going to lose his daughter as well. If she was 16 or 17 they would probably try her as an adult but since she is only 14 she will probably be put in juvenile detention until she is 21 and she will be released to go on with her life.

A few ppl have asked me since my DH was married to her 12 years ago if the 15 yr old boy was his son. NO. The boy was her child already when my DH met and married her.

Lock your guns up people! My husband has quite a few guns but they are all locked up in a 5 foot 800 pound gun safe. My kids won't be shooting me in the face with my own gun.


  1. Oh WOW! My goodness. What a tragedy. Please give your husband our condolences. I'm sure even though they weren't friends necessarily, he hurts for those she left behind. And I'm with you. We have guns, but they're locked up. ((hugs))

  2. That is so sad...I feel very sorry for her (the ex-wife's) family. I cannot even fathom why a 14yo would shoot someone in the face. She threw her entire life away, probably for something stupid. I feel even worse for the 15yo that found his mother. My heart really breaks for him and it is something he should never have had to deal with in his life. I hope that he can find some help to deal with this tragedy, and he can find some sort of peace.

  3. Oh wow... I am SO sorry... things like this are so unexplainable... so senseless.

    I am so sorry...