Sunday, May 22, 2011

Potatoes potahtoes what the PHUCK ever

I made the statement yesterday. "This booked has peaked my interest" I was told what a dumbass I am corrected. It is suppose to read this book has PIQUED my interest. I as well as most other people did not know that word. And the person who corrected me also just recently learned the word. SO you learn something new illegal everyday. At least on Twitter you do.

The book I was referring to is a book I just started yesterday called Hunger Games. It is the first in a series of 3 written by I think this is how you spell her name I was too lazy to go over to the living room table to check her name spelling Suzanne Collins. They are suppose to be YA (young adult) lit but they seem pretty grown up to me. Kind of like Twilight was suppose to be YA also, but seemed sex adult oriented to me.

I started reading this one based on several ppl on Twitter recommending it to me. I had asked ppl what were some good SERIES books. I had never known about the Harry Potter series until it was already  movie. I never knew about the Twilight series until it was a movie. So even though they are RIGHT NOW making Hunger Games into a movie, I will have read the book before the movie comes out and will have read the whole series in book form. HEY, there is one series I got a jump on before they became TV shows. Goosebumps! I bought the whole series for my DS25 when he was a kid and I still have almost all of them. Some got lost.

I had just finished reading the last HP book Deathly Hallows and also read the last Twilight book, Breaking Dawn. Besides Steven King Under The Dome, those 2 books were the LARGEST books in all of existence I have ever read. They were each around REALLY PHUCKING GIANT 900 pages. (Under The Dome was almost 1200 pages) I got a late start on reading them so I only had one week to finish each book and I lost sleep just barely made it. I didn't want to have to check them back out because that takes effort and I am lazy.

That's why I only got the first book of this Hunger Games series, one, just in case I didn't like it, and two, just in case I didn't get a chance to read them I didn't have them sitting on my table while someone else could be reading them.

I'm glad my library has them. I am even more glad that I even bothered to check if they had them. Usually when there are books I want to read I get on and just order them. But  have been trying to stay away from that because I have a stack of books on my desk right here next to me of books I bought, that I wanted to read at the time, got them, and still haven't touched them.

So my new goal is to try to always get them for free use the library first before buying. Unless they don't yet have a book that I want to read and I don't feel like waiting for the library to get it. I also have learned that even if my own library doesn't have a book you can get a book loaned from another library somewhere else in the state! For free! But you only get to keep those books 2 weeks instead of 3 and you can't check them back out/recheck them. SO get the loaner books one at a time so you have enough time to read them and return them. I could usually very easily finish 3 normal size books in two weeks but since my library has them I don't have to.

I don't know how many NUTJOBS people went to heaven last night in the rapture but everybody I know is still on Earth, including all of you sinners, so I guess we are the ones who have to stay here and live our life and have a good time suffer. At least I will be in good company. If any of you come up with some missing friends in the next few days, go ahead and report them missing but let the detectives know they probably just got sucked up into heaven. We don't want them wasting a lot of manpower searching when we already know where they are, but you should still file the report so when they never come home you can get the life insurance check.

Well,  kidlets, that was your vocabulary lesson and book review for the year day. I pulled double duty and might require payment next time I do that. You can only get so much for free you know.

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