Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kill her!!

It's been awhile since I blogged. I have been slacking in my blogging. But this Casey Anthony murder trial has me glued to my TV and all they are doing right now is jury selection. It is taking forever.

The judge initially said the trial would start this coming Tuesday but with how long these lawyers are taking questioning each of these potential jurors I don't see the trial starting Tuesday.

It wouldn't do for me to be in that jury pool because I have already made up my mind about her guilt. I think she did it. I think she is a monster who murdered her own 2 yr old daughter and kept her in the trunk of her car so long the whole car still stunk when she finally went home to her moms house. Her own mother called the police and said MY GRANDDAUGHTER IS MISSING AND IT SMELLS LIKE THERE'S BEEN A DEAD BODY IN MY DAUGHTER'S CAR. She has since changed her story and is now standing behind her daughter and proclaiming her innocence.

I say convict her now... Don't bother with the trial. Save the taxpayer dollars and just convict her and sentence her to death. She deserves to die.

But I do know that every person, even guilty people deserve a fair trial. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I can't stand slimy ass defense attorneys who defend people like this that they know are guilty of heinous crimes and yet they defend them anyway. That's a scumbag in my opinion. Willing to get guilty people off for a buck. These 4 lawyers are probably defending Casey Anthony Pro Bono just to get the publicity. Just like the OJ lawyers...they can become famous from it. I know her working class parents can't afford these 4 lawyers.

The only sucky thing about this trial is that now that TRU TV is no longer CORT TV they only cover the trial up until 2 pm central time. Then you have to go over to to finish watching the coverage for the rest of the day. I miss Court TV. When I watched the OJ trial they showed it ALL DAY. When I watched the Scott Peterson trial they showed it ALL DAY. This trial is just as big as the SP trial. They should make an exception and cover it all day.

These are some of the facts...

1. Casey Anthony never reported her own daughter missing. By the time her mother found out the granddaughter was missing she had supposedly been missing for a month.

2. Casey Anthong claims her daughter was abducted by a non existent babysitter. Claims she left her with the lady at an apartment and when she went back to get the girl, everybody was gone.

3. She lied to the police about working at Universal Studios.

4. They have pictures of casey Anthong out in bars drinking and partying, dancing on the bar with other women during the time that she claims her daughter was missing and she was looking for her herself.

5. When they finally got a chance to inspect Casey Anthony's car they did air samples of the trunk and found chemicals consisten with human decomposition.

6. She had a boyfriend during the time her daughter was missing and never once mentioned to him that she had a daughter and that the daughter was missing. She just kept on partying.

7. There were traces of chloroform in her trunk and they suspect that Casey Anthony had been previously using chloroform to knock the girl out and keep her in the trunk while she was out partying because she didn't have anybody to keep her.

8. The girl was found with duct tape around her head less than a quarter of a mile from Casey Anthony's parents home dumped in some foliage on the side of a road.

I think her lawyers KNOW she is guilty but right now they are just trying to save her life and get her LIFE in prison without the possibility of parole as opposed to DEATH.

How do you feel about it? DO you think she is guilty? Does she deserve to die? Or do you even believe in the death penalty?

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